What is Dynamics 365 Business Central? Why Dynamics 365 BC?

Dynamics 365 Business Central is a Microsoft enterprise resource planning system, unique in the market for any implementation, whether waste, meat or any other type of management. Apart from Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central,there are other ERP, such as SAGE, Odoo and Sap, but none reach the sole of the shoe to this software. This is because it has tools that others do not have, and even so, it is part of Microsoft, a company of a size 100 times larger than any of the above mentioned.

Dynamics 365 Business Central tools make it the most characteristic of all, as it works with your database or your office, unlike others. The rest of the ERPs also use Microsoft tools, which leaves them at a disadvantage since they depend on the Microsoft Windows operating system to work.

Apart from all this, we must add the fact that the Dynamics 365 BC Distribution network is 100 times larger than that of any distributor, which together with its high quality of service, wide availability and its affordable prices make it indifferent to its competition.

But the really interesting thing is how Dynamics 365 Business Centralis distributed. This ERP is implemented through partners, who are responsible for distributing this program. Microsoft partners are responsible for purchasing this service and then being able to implement it to companies that need it. Our company is a Microsoft partner, and in our case, we are dedicated to implementing Dynamics 365 Business Central to waste, meat or pest companies.

In addition, in Spain there are thousands of partners, so if the service I receive is not adequate, I do not like it or I simply need a change, it is very easy to change partners at any time, because any computer consulting company will be willing to implement Dynamics 365 BC.