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Waste management with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Our waste management software will help you to systematize and simplify specific processes of the waste treatment sector.

Flexible and easy to use, Microsoft Dynamics aids with the process of quality management that is involved in every step of a proper waste treatment.

The highly specialized business processes that are carried out by a large number of small and medium-sized companies require a tailor-made design of their IT infrastructure.

This is the reason why at Abadyn we offer support for waste management ERPs, providing fast and adaptable technological solutions to the unique and singular way in which each treatment organization operates.

Now, in addition to running your administrative management from the Finance, Portfolio, Sales, Purchasing and Warehouse modules that are offered by Microsoft Dynamics, we develop the waste software, a software that will make controlling waste collection routes, special documentation, order entry, control of waste containers and automatic weighing, among others, easier and more reliable tasks.

Pricing management adapted to waste management. A new waste pricing module is available with additional parameters to define prices, both for sale and purchase, by: customer, collection center, container volume and waste. In addition, the pricing module allows you to add additional costs associated with each collection as well.

Waste order entry simplification

Screen purposefully designed to facilitate the treatment of waste with all the important parameters at a single click.

Integrated weighing systems for waste treatment

Screens directly connected to the waste weighing systems for an automatic capture of the billing and the document management systems.

Waste management monitoring sheets

Detailed information associated with the treatment of the collected waste for subsequent analysis and delivery to the competent authorities. Furthermore, it offers the possibility of attaching documentation in different formats.

Work parts control systems

Daily records of the carried out routes, control of operators and integration of weighing tickets: ready for billing and analysing the costs involved in the treatment of waste.

Creation of personalized routes and calendars for waste collection

New module aimed at the creation and maintenance of the routes to be carried out based on waste, containers and collection centers. Personalized calendars in which holidays can be included and the actual day of collection of containers can be reported.

Maintenance of periodic services and contracts

Management of rentals and periodic collection services that are automatically integrated in the billing of the waste software with a single click.

Cash count control

Possibility of carrying out daily cash counts to control sales and cash purchases that may have been made during waste management.

Integrated waste collection fleet management

– Control by GPS of the collection truck: it reports the speed, the mileage, the fuel and the oil consumption for maintenance alerts.
– Route control by means of either a device integrated in the truck or via SMS. If the routes are changed from the Dynamics 365 waste management software, the driver is notified telematically.
– Transport requests registered and entered in the management system directly from the company’s website.
– Intuitive screen to plan the routes, viewing at a glance all the requests, both assigned and not, and the available transport units, whether foreign or own. The waste transport units can be configured according to the driver, truck and trailer.
– Information and alerts on maintenance, reviews and documentation on any element of the fleet and machinery in general.
– Sending of SMS notifications and maintenance notices to employees, directly from the Microsoft Dynamics 365 waste management software.
– Information on the consumption of the collection vehicles through integration with refueling systems.

Integration of new devices with the waste software

– Integration with cash machines so that, by printing the invoice with a barcode, the user can get directly charged from the cash machine upon registering the necessary transactions in the application.
– Incorporation of personal data in a quick and reliable manner through the integration of national identity documents or driving licenses scanners, whether electronic or not. In addition, the scanner can be used both locally and remotely, allowing the reading from multiple computers with only one physical device.
– Automatic capture and print of the signatures of carriers and suppliers for deliveries and collections of residual goods through digital signature devices.

Presence control integration with the waste management application

Through facial, biometric and card recognition devices, markings can be visually and clearly validated in the waste management software.

Payroll integrated in Dynamics

Payroll calculation while integrating presence control through the employee portal. Telematic integration for the presentation of files to the Social Security.

New added functionality for waste management

– End of Life Vehicles (ELV) control in the system, with information from the documentary review, the decontamination and the direct creation of the Certificate of destruction with the complemented data that is required.
– Mobile phone control module to review consumption per employee and per line. Inventory of devices and phone cards. Integration of the operator’s invoice through an electronic file.
– Management of the company’s improvement actions with the follow-up of each one of them.
– Integrated business coordination, both for customers and suppliers, allowing to report information and notices about employees and machinery.
– Module to inform about the legal requirements of the company and its monitoring: permits, inspections and reviews, administrative procedures, quantitative limits and other obligations.
– Information on personal protective equipment (PPE) in the software, inventory, technical specifications and suppliers, among other factors.
– Simplified access to the product reclassification module.
– Improved system of purchase and sale offers: more automated and with direct sending by email to interested people.
– Massive modification of the same offers and comparison with the previous ones.
– Furthermore and if desired, integration with Microsoft Sharepoint for a more advanced document management, adding version control and with immediate access from Microsoft Dynamics 365 software.
– Homologation of suppliers and automatic dispatch of purchase orders.

The waste management software also includes …

– Generation of the electronic file, necessary in order to present the declaration of diesel for professional use.
– Profitability of the truck fleet.
– Online documentation for customers about their collections.
– Process to assist in the update of rates.
– Automatic invoicing of purchases.
– Web portal for the introduction of orders made by customers.
– Treatment of products with investment of the taxable person.
– Control of container rental.

And all the potential of Microsoft Dynamics 365!

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