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Business management with Microsoft Dynamics 365

LS Retail business management program is aimed at supermarkets, restaurants, furniture stores, electronics, clothing, cosmetics and similar to manage in an agile and simple way the personnel, remote purchases or inventories, among others.

LS Retail business management program is aimed at supermarkets, restaurants, furniture stores, electronics, clothing, cosmetics and similar to manage in an agile and simple way the personnel, remote purchases or inventories, among others.

With a wide range of functionalities, it covers all the needs that arise every day in the retail sector: back office; store management; including inventory, personnel and purchases; point of sale terminals; supply chain; and many more.

– Point of sale terminals that are fast and easy to manage, with keyboard or touch-screen and working both online and offline

– Store management that enables the administration of data replication at the point of sale terminals, back office and central office. All in all, it offers the store manager full control of the activity

– Prevention through the analysis of the transactions carried out at the point of sale and the obtained reports

– Control of potential thefts and / or losses

– Price management aimed at managing different offers and multiple prices of the items with the goal to gain control of all your sales

– Mobile solutions that give rise to loyalty, inventory, and eCommerce and that consequently bring you closer to your customers

– Clients Club as a means to collect information on the behavior and interests of your customers and build loyalty with offers, promotions and coupons

– Within the restoration industry, you can manage reservations and tables, guarantee direct communication with the kitchen or manage home deliveries and take-away services, as well as control prices

– In terms of supply, you can also plan purchases, distribution of items and know the optimal level of stock replacement, all with LS Nav, from LS Retail

Dynamics Retail Features

Simple implantation

Through the same procedures as Navision, Retail is very simple and clear to implement: in a short time you will be able to enjoy the new solution, generating a fast return on investment.

Full integration

In a single application you will have two solutions. Integration with ERP Dynamics Nav englobes all the included information.

Multiple functionalities

In addition to the point of sale terminal software, LS Retail offers a great variety of back office functionality: traceability, barcodes, stock management, replenishment, franchises, product master and rates, among others.

Total adaptation of the point of sale terminals

Point of sale terminals that are completely customizable, in terms of buttons size, order of elements, for instance, and with touch control.

Online and Offline

Choose the implementation that suits you best: online or offline.

Customer loyalty

You will be able to send gift checks, vouchers, exchanges and points programs to your customers.

And all the potential of Microsoft Dynamics 365!

Presence control integration with the waste management application
– Through facial, biometric and card recognition devices, markings can be visually and clearly validated in the waste management software.

Payroll integrated in Dynamics
– Payroll calculation while integrating presence control through the employee portal. Telematic integration for the presentation of files to the Social Security.

New added functionality for waste management
– End of Life Vehicles (ELV) control in the system, with information from the documentary review, the decontamination and the direct creation of the Certificate of destruction with the complemented data that is required.
– Mobile phone control module to review consumption per employee and per line. Inventory of devices and phone cards. Integration of the operator’s invoice through an electronic file.
– Management of the company’s improvement actions with the follow-up of each one of them.
– Integrated business coordination, both for customers and suppliers, allowing to report information and notices about employees and machinery.
– Module to inform about the legal requirements of the company and its monitoring: permits, inspections and reviews, administrative procedures, quantitative limits and other obligations.
– Information on personal protective equipment (PPE) in the software, inventory, technical specifications and suppliers, among other factors.
– Simplified access to the product reclassification module.
– Improved system of purchase and sale offers: more automated and with direct sending by email to interested people.
– Massive modification of the same offers and comparison with the previous ones.
– Furthermore and if desired, integration with Microsoft Sharepoint for a more advanced document management, adding version control and with immediate access from Microsoft Dynamics 365 software.
– Homologation of suppliers and automatic dispatch of purchase orders.

The waste management software also includes …
– Generation of the electronic file, necessary in order to present the declaration of diesel for professional use.
– Profitability of the truck fleet.
– Online documentation for customers about their collections.
– Process to assist in the update of rates.
– Automatic invoicing of purchases.
– Web portal for the introduction of orders made by customers.
– Treatment of products with investment of the taxable person.
– Control of container rental.

And all the potential of Microsoft Dynamics 365!

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