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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central is the new ERP management program from Microsoft. Hence, the old Microsoft Dynamics NAV is now called Dynamics 365 Business Central. This is the program with the most implementations, the largest number of partners worldwide and the most innovative on the planet in terms of technology. Microsoft has included its ERP Microsoft Dynamics 365 within its office licenses and, with that, one of the improvements it incorporates is a 100% online environment that eliminates the old and tedious updating process. The ERP updates become completely automatic.

One of the improvements that it incorporates is the update process. In the previous versions the code of the modifications made in the program had to be rewritten, which made updates very expensive in terms of service costs. Now, the modifications are programmed in objects, besides the base of the application, and that allowsthe base to update automatically, in addition to having more integration with Microsoft tools. The programming environment, then, is radically changed to a new environment.

The old programming language disappears and for this reason and in order to go 365, 100% of the application must be reprogrammed. Although once there, never again open to do those tedious updating processes.

Although the latest versions were already developed in an online environment, the last one has been improved. There are no significant improvements in terms of functionality, but there are in technology by making integration with external applications easier and significantly reducing integration times with external applications. The licensing type also changes: before it was a question of concurrent licenses and now these licenses have become nominative. To better understand this, before I could buy 5 licenses and have them installed on 20 computers, but it only allowed me to use 5 at the same time. Now, every license I install is purposefully reserved.

Licenses are now included with Office 365. This integration with Office is thorough, enabling more powerful analysis or Business intelligence tools, integration with social networks, Outlook and much more. The application is designed to work in the cloud, facilitating its maintenance and, especially, its backup copies. It should also be taken into consideration the fact that, although Microsoft provides its own environment, it is of not recommended use because its cloud is proven to be problematic. For this reason, it is better to hire your own cloud. Finally, the new Dynamics 365 is also more visual, provides the latest and most innovative navigation tools facilitating its use and the introduction and exploitation of data.

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