How do NIMA and E3L codes use in Dynamics 365 BC?

What is the NIMA code?

The NIMA code is a number that tries to identify any movement that is related in one way or another to the waste sector,from the authorized activities of its treatments to the shipments of these through waste traders and agents.

In the central code,another way of calling the NIMA code, there are master managers, producers, transporters and associates that can be grouped together. In this way, it is necessary to identify all the centers precisely in order to facilitate the exchange of all kinds of documentation between the people who carry out the waste management process, that is, the actors that we have mentioned initially. Officially and as a unification, it has been agreed that the NIMA code will be used to carry out the distinction of each center.

What is the E3L code?

On the other hand, and with the aim of being able to speed up all the processing on the relative information of waste that is done electronically, the different branches of information existing in the standard language of data exchange on waste E3Lhave been adapted.

Thus, Dynamics 365 BC is fully prepared for the management of NIMA and E3L codes not only to enable the transmission of all the necessary information related to waste, but to facilitate and simplify this important process.