Everything you need to know about the updated waste shipment procedure.

Waste shipment procedures have to be studied in detail in order to understand the current requirements and thus have these processes updated. The Ministry for Ecological Transformation and the Demographic Challenge, of the Government of Spain, requires a vertical that affects waste and must be taken into account.

Therefore, from Integrated Management we have integrated into our waste vertical a module that adheres to this obligation and requirement of the institutions.

What integrates this waste vertical?

For this obligation, we have integrated new WebService functions that allow us to instantly send the documentation to where it comes at all times, both to the administrations of each Autonomous Community, and to the Waste Administration of the Ministry. This function allows greater connectivity between territories and administrations.

In addition, this documentation starts from the Multiple NT or Individual NT, to be able to notify the waste of each shipment. In the program we provide, we have the different sections with the necessary data to fill in these documents.

How does the DI Phase I documentation work?

For the Di Phase I Documentation, we do the same process, but for this document and all the related data for the shipment of that waste, we also integrate a notification system to the customer that is sent to him and the carrier for possible controls of the competent authorities during transport.

How does the DI Phase II documentation work?

And finally, the DI Phase II Documentation is sent by the same Web Service system when the waste is received and the loads are validated in its Manager.

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