What you should be clear about to test the ERP application

After the extensive experience we have in Dynamics 365bc, one of the processes that we consider most important when implementing an ERP is the test of the application, or also known as testing. This concept is used to describe the testing process of the ERP application and ensure the quality of the system. In short, it is a crucial step to check that the software works without errors. In this way, future problems are eradicated, and we reduce the number of surprises that may appear.

The client must do the testing, since it is who will use the program from now on. It is essential to note that once you enter the maintenance phase, the partner has already finished much of its work, and will bill only by the hour. For that reason, running a complete and correct test is key to not paying more hours than necessary. In this way, future problems can be avoided, and better results achieved, obtaining satisfaction from the client and the partner.

When performing the test, some basic concepts about the software, its operation, and the way in which it is configured must be considered. Thus, a greater understanding of the ERP system can help to solve errors or, directly, not to commit them. Next, we review basic knowledge about the software, and indicate the keys to a proper test. 

The Software does not spoil

We must remember that an ERP Microsoft Dynamics 365bc is an enterprise resource planning system. By integrating the ERP, companies automate the management of various operations (logistics, purchasing, warehouse, accounting…) from the same platform and with a shared database. Specifically, in Dynamics 365bc Implement Waste Management Software, Meat Management Software, and Pest Management Software.

It works through a software structured from words. These are instructions that are given to the processor to execute. Thus, the software itself cannot be damaged.

For example, if we introduce the word BEGIN, it will not change. It is not possible for any letter to be modified suddenly since the text is not modified. For that reason, when we think that the software has broken down, we are wrong.

Errors can be due to other factors such as hardware, data, operating systems, releases, new developments…

The keys to testing

We must recognize the types of tests that we can find, and that allow us to guarantee the functionality of the aspects of the system. The different tests are:

Functionality test to ensure that everything works as required by the needs of the company

Performance test to check the system’s ability to perform under the most demanding demands and data flows

Integration test to verify that it is configure correctly

After performing the above tests, we will obtain multiple benefits such as saving time, costs, and resources in the future. In addition, the analysis and testing will allow us to obtain better results by having been able to identify previously the processes that are necessary to correct.