What steps do I have to follow to select an ERP well for my company?

After the blog where we told you what were the only ERP that served the market,we would like to tell you what is, according to our experience of more than 20 years in the world of ERP or business management software, the best process to follow when selecting an ERP for your company whether you are in the waste sector as in the pest sector, as in any other.

  1. Select ERP platform.

As we mentioned in previous blogs the platforms that serve today are Microsoft 365, Odoo, SAP and Sage, the rest do not work, theyare small platforms or even sometimes developed 100% to measure, without taking advantage of an ERP already made.

  1. Select the partner.

This is the most important part of all,a good partner will make a good implementation regardless of the platform. You have to be careful in the selection of it, it will mark the future of the company to unimaginable levels. We emphasize that this is the most important decision.

  1. Analysis.

It is the step in which we must indicate in a document that we want the program to do, the needs of the company that the ERP can solve. This would be the shopping list. We must indicate that we expect the platform to do.

It should be a generic document, exposing the ideas of operation, helping in the explanation including printed documents (such as labels or order forms). As clear as possible to see how to adapt the platform.

  1. Estimation.

With this document of needs, you can already give an offer, planning, deliveries and payments. The form of payment is vital, it is the only guarantee that the project will be well done. The estimate will normally be divided into 2 items, licenses and services. Licenses normally must be paid for in advance.

Recommendation: Francisco Marcellan, CEO of Dynamics and ERP implementer of more than 20 years in the sector recommends that if you are going to hire 50, at the beginning you buy 2 that are the only ones that are needed to start the project, and already at the time of the start the remaining 48 are hired. This way the initial investment is lower and we can make sure that we are choosing the right platform and the right partner.

Services must have a form of payment independent of licenses, because they are different products. Services must be paid according to the project. For example, if the project is designed to start in 6 months and to close 6 months after the start, the way of payment of the services should be divided into 12 months. Although the best would be 24 to be sure that the partner is doing a good job.

  1. Demo?

Increasingly absurd because all ERP end up doing the same thing. The important thing is the selected partner. 95% of customers mistakenly select their program depending on how well the demo does the commercial, what guap@ it is and its trading skills. In the selection of the ERP should not intervene this type of aspect. What matters is, what the program does, that the partner is committed to the document analysis of needs of the company and that the form of payment is consistent and always gives advantage to the customer in front of the supplier.

With the estimate should be enough for the selection of the platform. In the next post I will develop each of the points.

We hope it will serve as a guide and help in case you are thinking of implementing an ERP or a management software so that you do not have any problem. Any questions about the process or the implementation do not hesitate to contact us.