What codes are used for waste management in Microsoft Dynamics?

In waste management, the Microsoft Dynamics program is mainly used, through two codes: the LER and the CER.

The LER code in waste management

The first, the LER code, is the classification of waste,which has important repercussions both for the subsequent treatment of waste and on the safety measures that managers must take to carry out their work. This list of waste at European level classifies waste into categories with combinations of 6 digits for them, and four and two digits for chapters and sub-chapters, which specify the type of activities carried out by each type of waste.

The CER code in waste management

Instead, the CER code is terminology for statistical purposes,which are oriented towards the area of substances and which are categorized from one to four digits. Dynamics 365 BC, orients its entire program towards its CERs. Waste management depends entirely on the CER of the programme being used.

One way or another, it is as if there is a program for each CER. For example, in the case of the hazardous waste CER, all the necessary documents are automatically generated, integrated with the necessary public entities, either by web services or by integrating files. Another case is that of scrap metal, and how it directly generates the file for the police. The pricing also depends on the CER codes and can be configured in it if the waste is charged or paid or both. In conclusion, the programs are tailor-made for the CER that is used. Each one has its own with which it can manage different types of waste.