What can Dynamics 365 BC do for you and your vehicles?

Already mentioned above, Dynamics 365 BC is a very useful tool for the development of any company. In the case of companies that manage and administer vehicles, it is very useful.

With Dynamics 365 BC you get a vehicle master with its license plate, description and the different characteristics associated with each vehicle, such as; the chassis number or a specific image of the vehicle. In addition, Dynamics 365 BC is 100% adaptable to the needs of the client, and that is why it is very easy to make modifications to meet the necessary requirements. In fact, this is not a particularity of Dynamics 365 BC,but any ERP adapts to the customer, not the other way around.

There is also a fixed asset module integrated with the fleet, which allows us to keep track of depreciation and perform its automatic calculation. Dynamics 365 BC allows any type of calculation, whether fixed, linear, French, American, and all this is done by computing the amortization installments automatically and taking them to accounting. All this makes the ERP integrated.

Dynamics 365 BC has a very advanced workshop module, in which we can attach from all the mechanical revisions or documentation that the vehicle needs, just with emails in which it will alert every time the oil change is due to the ITV reviews that in this case have a deadline. In addition to all this, it is also integrated with the purchasing circuit, for the acquisition of certain necessary parts, insurance or other items related to the vehicle.

Dynamics 365 Business Central also has Google Maps so that from the driver’s mobile you can know at any time where the vehicle is. Even if you have an associated route for the service, I can see what you’re going to go through and where you are. And if we also have a gasoline pump in the company, the ERP integrates the pump with the registration, and thus it is recorded directly from the liters that I have refueled to the kilometers traveled. Although it also offers the option of entering this data via APP if it is an external gas station.

All this is thanks to the Dynamics 365 BC ERP that helps optimize your routes and its integration with a gasoline pump if it is on the premises or online if it is at a gas station. With this magnificent software of great utility that we offer, all these services are possible and will help your workshop to achieve a better performance and operation.