Waste Software with Dynamics 365 BC: Case Study

In this post we are going to talk about the great success of the implementation of waste software to the company TMA in 2009, which has led to a relationship based on trust between and our client and us. This base represents the values with which we work from Dynamics 365 BC and is a small sample of our way of working.

Dynamics 365 BC, the solution to waste management

As many of you know, what is called “vertical” in the computer or information systems sector refers to software created specifically for a specific sector. In this case, the waste vertical that we have developed on Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC is a vertical that includes all the necessary functionality for any company related to or working with waste management.

TMA arrived in 2009 after facing failure: for 2 years, they tried to implement the ERP with the help of a consultancy from Barcelona without achieving any results. In this situation, Dynamics 365 BC and our high and quality experience in waste came to your ears. Therefore:

  • They hired us for a budget of less than 50% of their previous partner.
  • We managed to implement the waste management software with a record figure of 6 months, taking into account that the company is not small and that, in fact, it touches more sectors parallel to waste management.
  • We obtained a maximum degree of satisfaction.

TMA today

TMA Tecnología Medio Ambiente is a company dedicated to the integral management of all types of waste: Hazardous and Non-Hazardous, specialized in Recoverable waste, MARPOL, Industrial and Biosanitary, as well as in gardening and landscaping services.

They are responsible for everything from transporting them, through advanced advisory and consulting services, to waste treatment solutions and gardening projects.

They offer a reliable and quality service thanks to their own means and personalized treatment. They are backed by more than 50 years of experience in the sector. Because at TMA… they take care of their customers, they take care of the environment.

With all this, we are talking about 50 users working with the application daily. TMA also has hundreds of employees, vehicles and machinery. Parallel to the waste management vertical itself, scales with self-weighing by vehicle geopositioning, a workshop module for the fleet of vehicles and machinery and a Gasoil dispenser had to be integrated. Apart from all this, a PDA was also integrated for drivers, as well as for incidents in the reception of merchandise and electronic integrations with public entities.

This is only a small sample of all the work and services that were implemented, since the work done, and the results obtained, form a great list.

The implementation was a success since 2009 and today it still is, given that the customer is more than satisfied. They are very proud of the work done and, as we have already mentioned before, it is a clear example of our way of working and our ethics.