The most agile and reliable way to share information with our customers

Surely, on some occasion, you have found yourself in the position that you must share information about your company with the outside, either with suppliers, customers, or other entities. This situation can occur, for example, with stocks, data on products, invoices… But, sometimes, we can find ourselves repeatedly in this position. Going further, we will have to share a certain type of information with a client and, with another, provide other different data. Each case is a world.

How was it done before?

In the past, the way companies worked was to facilitate reporting through non-automated shipping and traditional shipping methods. This was sent daily, weekly or monthly, depending on what each case required. But, by doing so, you could experience delays in deliveries, or possible errors in preparation. In addition to the dubious reliability, it involved an expense of extra resources.

How can we do it now?

Thanks to the emergence of new possibilities, these problems are solved. Currently, you can create a custom Excel for each client, which you can access through the direct connection with the ERP management software available to our company. This is the case of Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC Business Central: the program allows us to generate an Excel that we can send to the client and, in this way, not worry forever about periodic shipments, and their consequent problems. Likewise, it offers the possibility of formulating different documents and assigning with whom we want to share them.

Thanks to this system, now the client receives the information, and decides where to install it. When you want to consult the information, you can open the document, which will update the data automatically according to the status of our ERP. In addition, the possibility of defining the period of time in which it is updated automatically is also presented. That is, set the document to refresh every X minute to see if there have been modifications from our software.

The advantages that this mode of operations presents are extraordinary. The transmission of information and the exchange of information is streamlined at a high level. Thus, this tool is a direct way to increase and optimize productivity, with the time savings that this entails. In short, it establishes a new and much more effective way of relating to our customers.

Exemplification of the advantages 

To clarify the benefits offered by Microsoft Dynamics 365bc Business Central in terms of the possibility of sharing data directly with us, we can give the example of a waste management company. To put ourselves in a situation, let’s imagine that such a company, works with different public entities and, therefore, must share information with various customers. This waste management company needs to keep track of the collections that are being carried out and, in turn, what type of waste or CER is being collected. In addition, the last steps, the dates, and any other type of document such as the acceptance form can also be added. If all this data is recorded manually, errors may occur when entering the information. In addition, companies would not be able to consult the information now but should wait to receive a monthly or weekly report. With an ERP management system like Microsoft Dynamics 365bc Business Central, we can get rid of all the manual interaction. In this way, access to information is facilitated and you are automatically up to date with all the services performed without having to waste time consulting with your provider.