The keys to understanding acceptance tokens and their relationship to Dynamics 365 BC

The keys to understanding acceptance tokens and their relationship to Dynamics 365 BC

Dynamics 365 BC is a very extensive program that offers a wide variety of functionalities and tools. Among them is the management of acceptance sheets, an important step to be taken for waste management companies. But what exactly are they?

The meaning of acceptance cards

The acceptance sheets,also known by their acronym FA,are agreements established between the supplier of the waste and the companies that manage it, being its formalization shared responsibility between the holder and the manager. To date, this pact is used only in Catalonia. In addition, they are not single sheets, as they vary depending on the type of waste to be treated and are not even necessary in all of them.

Acceptance sheets must be carried out compulsorily for the management of all waste except in the following cases:

  • Waste destined for approved waste recovery plants
  • Waste destined for approved plants for the recovery of waste transported in quantities lower than those specified in the Annex
  • Waste destined for approved plants to which waste transported in certain quantities is disposed of
  • Borujo or pomace, and all industrial waste managed as by-products
  • Municipal waste, such as those found inside containers
  • Dirt, rubble, debris or any type of building material
  • Waste managed in accordance with the destination sheets
  • On waste produced on farms, including animal carcasses

However, there are many customers who use these acceptance sheets by default in all waste. Thus, if it is a waste whose formalization is not mandatory and since this agreement is made anyway, the acceptance sheets are renamed acceptance documents. Therefore, it is useful to know the meaning behind both concepts.

Acceptance tabs and Dynamics 365 BC

Now, how do these acceptance tabs relate to Dynamics 365 BC? Dynamics, among other functions, manages these tabs together with the tables that contain the necessary information of producers and managers. These tables are named after teachers and help understand and manage AF processes.

It is also important to understand that the acceptance cards have an expiration date and associated documentation, which are joined by a document manager. When the token is close to expiring, it automatically informs all its participants: manager, producer and customer. Via email, these are reminded of the necessary renewal of the file and, likewise, continues to notify with the periodicity that has been indicated and until the file is updated.

Additionally and to speed up the work, Dynamics is integrated into customer offers so that when a service or collection order is placed, it automatically proposes the acceptance form in question.

Overall, the acceptance sheets are very useful when it comes to managing waste and Dynamics 365 BC has them when carrying out any type of management.