The 4 keys to achieve Success in Training

Last week we talked about the methodology of the spiral as one of the best options to implement your ERP project. Explaining this method, we outline some of the keys to perform a correct training. Today we expand the information and give you four tips to offer useful and productive ERP implementation courses. 

  1. Take advantage of new technologies

In the past, sessions were organized to teach how to use the application. These were long and tedious days in which a lot of information was given in a short period of time. The result was that the user could not assimilate all the necessary knowledge or test the product.

Today we know how to correct this error and we decided to use the tools that new technologies such as Skype, Themes or Google Meet give us. In this way, the user can receive a more leisurely and complete training with higher quality information.

  1. Continuous, short and small group training

Ideal formations should be continuous, short and individual, or maximum in groups of two people. Thus, to plan efficient sessions, they should be given twice a week and use a short time in the explanations. In this way, students can obtain qualitative learning. In addition, it is recommended to form small groups that execute the same activities, since each user has their problems to solve.

  1. Practice makes perfect

There is no point in filling the user’s head with a large amount of theoretical information. Instead, it is essential that you can experiment, practice, and test ERP. Through real exercises and practice, learning will improve, and will allow you to familiarize yourself with the platform, as well as start integrating it into your work environment.

  1. It must be real

Invented assumptions and examples will distance the user and cause problems to arise in the future that they may not be able to solve. For this reason, the exercises must be presented with real data in which tessituras or conflicts are addressed that will help to verify that the application works and improve the platform.