How to Understand Batch and Serial Number and Your Application in Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC

When we talk about the applications, functionalities and advantages of Dynamics 365 ERP, there is a topic that we cannot overlook: batches and serial numbers and how they work in relation to this software.

Today, there is a wide variety of products, whether chemical, food, construction or machinery, which require specific control. These need reliable and detailed information about their date of purchase and production, who the producer is and what the process of its realization was. This information is necessary to carry and trace the products. In this way, in the event of any accident or problem, we have tools not only to solve them, but to avoid their repetition.

In these cases, in addition, the batch or serial number is required. Therefore, Dynamics 365 allows you to take control of both throughout the production and distribution process. Thus, the software is present in all areas and aspects that require your help. But what do we mean by these two concepts?

The Lot and Dynamics 365

Dynamics 365 is responsible for the control of those products that are not controlled by units,but by KG, Liters and Tons. These products are assigned a batch when they arrive, which is maintained throughout the production or treatment process. If other products are involved during the process, they are also assigned another batch, so that when the treatment is finished, a batch number is given to the final product. In this way, the traceability of the components that have participated in the production process of the same is not lost.

Something similar happens in the commercial, sales and purchasing circuit. The purchase increases the product in stock and it arrives with a batch. Therefore, several batches of the same product will be stored. All this process is associated with the generation of labels throughout the circuit, buying, transforming and selling, and barcode reading devices, QR or RFID radio frequency tags.

The Serial Number and Dynamics 365

On the other hand, when we talk about serial number,we refer to an idea similar to the concept of the lot, but in this case it works with products that are controlled by units. A good example would be a machine or an entire animal. These are unique entities and must be associated with a single serial number per unit. For the same reasons as in the batch, if the accident occurs, Dynamics 365 is able to control this serial number and go back in its process to observe where the error comes from and avoid its repetition.