How can I manage my containers with Dynamics 365 BC?

Have you ever wondered, how do companies in the waste sector manage containers? How do they organize and control them? Do they have a certain system just for it? The answer to all these questions lies with Dynamics 365 BC. With Dynamics 365 BC, you get your containers controlled and labeled by various technologies:

  • The most modern is managing to the container a device with a SIM cardpowered by solar energy that sends the geo position uninterruptedly. In this way, we can know at all times where the container is located and also, when the driver approaches, by proximity in geo position, he does the treatment of it.
  • Another way is through radio frequency.An RFID radiofrequency adhesive is attached to the container so that when the driver approaches, he detects the container and proceeds to treat it.
  • They can also be managed with the help of the new QR codethat is spreading quickly Its reading in addition to easy and fast, also includes much more information than the previous ones. The interpretation, as well as the EAN, can be done with the PDA or with the classic barcode reader (also provided by Dynamics 365 BC) attachedto the outside of the truck that reads the code without the need for the driver to leave the truck.
  • In addition, there is also a fixed asset modulefor expensive and large containers, and it also provides stock tracking and control of all types of containers. With your reports in Power BI, Microsoft’s Intelligent Business tool, you can analyze all kinds of data such as stocks, breakages, thefts, locations, billing.

Despite this wide range of options, Dynamics 365 BC can manage all of these options. In this way, you are sure that your containers are controlled at all times, and in addition, you can choose from many ways to make them so.