Dynamics 365 BC selection criteria

To select the software that best suits your needs, we can rely on a large number of factors to take into account. Even so, some of them are of greater relevance. Therefore, below we explain the most important selection criteria when choosing the software that best suits you and your needs.

The features of the platform

The first criterion to take into account is based on consulting and understanding the platform with which you work and its characteristics. Of this platform, the most interesting thing to study is the following:

  • You have to see if the platform is stable, if it works in a web environment and if it is easy to integrate with other platforms.
  • We must also take into account that it has a lot of generic functionality: that it combines management with accounting, whether analytical, general and budgetary.
  • To all this we must also add that it has an advanced production with finite capabilities, and that it has CRM and Stocks, Lots or Serial Numbers.

In general, we want the platform to have development tools and be easy to modify. Therefore, it is very important that it is a large company so that it does not disappear. Therefore, we want it to have a very wide distribution network.

The importance of the partner

Another aspect that we take into account is the partner. When we started the project, from Microsoft Dynamics 365 BC we propose a fixed price, appropriate to our quality programming services. Therefore, we focus first of all on giving a good service and attending to all the needs of the client and, later, we process the payment.

We always try to have the same staff, so our consultants are 100% committed to their work and their projects. We are characterized by always complying with what has been agreed without strictly adhering to an analysis. We are willing to change and act according to the needs of our client, but we try to meet all expectations from the first moment.

Therefore, since we start the client is the most important. And since we do the work first, the price and after-sales quality are not high and we offer an extreme quality of service and consultants.