Demos, the supreme nonsense

We follow our series of blogs dedicated to how to implement an ERP well for my company. Whether in the meat sector, waste or any other.

We have commented on analysis, estimates, now we must enter fully into the demos and their relationship with the selection criteria. Let’s give as a video tour of the ERP platform where the salesperson talks to the client to teach him all the good things about the platform and how to use it.

Demos or product demonstration is something old and that is absolutely outdated, it is 100% useless, and very counterproductive. Below we will explain why we believe that ERP demos are useless.

Product demos is where projects are sold today. And it’s a terrible mistake.

We remember that the good criteria for selecting our ERP change should be: First choose the platform, second the partner, third analysis, fourth valuation and payment method and start with implementation.

In the selection processes of management ERP, demos are raised as the basis. The point at which we select our software.

About Us at Dynamics365bc, personally we do not make demos. We stopped doing them several years ago. Below we discuss the points of this decision and recommendations of our more than 20 years of consultants in this ERP implementation consulting industry Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Give the client access to the platform.

If the customer wants to know how the product is and know how it works, what we must do is deliver an access to the application. 

With this access, the client will be able to enter the ERP platform, which is very intuitive and practically does not need training to learn how to navigate it.

Do not decide for the demo and the skill of the commercial, but for the product (partner).

95% of the decision is based on the demo. The demo cannot be converted to the method by which I select a software, instead of reviewing the factors. 

It cannot be that we decide something so important just because of the commercial’s ability to sell a product. In most cases it doesn’t matter how good the product is or how good the partner is. Only the ability of the commercial to sell is valued. 95% are chosen like this.

Implement a quality program assured by your IT director or IT team.

Another thing that does not stop surprising us is that many medium or large companies with their own IT director, CTO and IT department (if these are good clear) that are the ones that should choose platform are absolutely ignored their advice many times. In the end it ends up being management who makes the decision, because a friend / acquaintance told them, or because the commercial has taught them a functionality that has illuminated their eyes. And they leave aside things as vital as the product or partner you are implementing, and for whom you are implementing it.

In conclusion, demos serve absolutely no purpose, only to dazzle and make wrong decisions.

The ideal selection process should go like this: First the client must choose the best platform, second choose 3 partners and finally the client must indicate in a talk what functionality he wants, make an estimate and if he enters detail everything in an analysis and close a price. Then a delivery commitment must be signed.